Link Building

Link building is the process of building links to a website pertaining to get maximum traffic. Basically there are two main purpose of building links which are Direct Click-Through Traffic, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But we will only explain about the SEO aspect of link building. The one and only one aim of the Search Engine Optimization is to build traffic towards their site and make the higher ranking of their links.

There are many ways of link building some of them are explained below:

1.News and Syndication

The reputed web development companies deliver proven results using techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing, (SMM), Keyword analysis, Link building, Content Management tools, etc.. In a way your entire website is not only being worked upon but, transformed into an active medium through which you may have an indirect contact with your customers, which was lacking before.

Syndicate an article at eBloggers, Ezine Articles, GoArticles, iSnare, etc. This expand the possibilities of getting high rank the good the article more users will be attracted.

Track the reader of your blog and offer them a exclusive content or news or whatever of their interest.

Make trade with other webmasters.

Get feedback from friends by emailing them about your blog and retrieve comments what they think or their opinion about further rectification. Create Polls and surveys to make people important. It has a indirect positive effect on marketing

2. Easy Free Links:

Creating links using Craiglist is the most cheapest or free classified service.

Easiest way to create links in Yahoo Answers is to ask or answer question and provide links to relevant resources.

Google Groups is also the one of the most common way to ask and answer questions and inserting our promoting links.

Some of sites we can post our links and promote them easily are Digg,, Squidoo etc.

3. Hold Contests for Free Passes or money:

Create or link some cool stuff in your site like Love Calculator, or BMI calculator it attracts people because they are obsessed with these type of stuff.

Release your own apps, extension, modifiers for your site which people can link to. and inserting our promoting links.

Create your own themes, templates (like browser, mobile themes) promoting the links